Style Savvy Styling Stars : Great 3DS For Fashion Simulator Game

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Before I have written this article, I did not played the game Style Savvy series even though I have played few 3DS in the past.  In fact few months ago, I present my wife with very exciting video games. And we are in especially for simulation video games which we love the most.

Now talking about Style Savvy, from the start I don’t really like it because of its fashion themes, maybe because I can’t find it very appealing to me. However, the fourth entry, Styling Star got my attention and it was very fascinating in every turn.

The main theme of the game, Style Savvy series shows to be a great fashion simulator. You play the role of the new girl in the town who would be the heir of her uncle’s boutique. You will be given a task to make it very popular in the city from glamorous and glitzy stop in town. Your task is very simple in the beginning, nonetheless the plot really turns into a very wonderful story with persona with way more depth which is expected from this kind of video game.

There will be people who will visit your boutique and would love to reside near you. Having their own individuality and taste of fashion. Nonetheless with character like Rosie, a young child which is new to the city and hope to a become a star in the game and because of that Styling Star turn out to be a great video game with its different style. When I play the game I’ve spent more investment on Rosie’s progress in the game, considering that I really like her.

The setting and the persona of the game are not the only factors for making Styling Star very likeable. The game is very addictive in gameplay while the game continually make you awake even if it is night time. Running your store would require new fashion from different sellers with plenty of design, take charge of the clients wishes, and blending their personalities to the perfect clothing and accessories in return when they are please they will give you cash and would become an avid clients of your boutique. Taking heed to clients need, like for instance for Rosie gradually increases the number of hearts they have for your services, an idea the same from Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon.

The greater the number of hearts, the greater you will learn discover the story of the character. Serving the clients can also give more influence of your characters avatar, which also open new maps of the town to discover and to set up new vendors, for you to purchase new outfits. Each thing you will do in the Styling Star gives you sense of progress all the way.

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