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Naturally, Life is Strange is so appealing to gamers like never before. The video game works with Unreal Engine, so it is also a great thing for your iPad or iPhone. If you have not played Life is Strange, you can expect that the game is very impressive in terms of graphics considering that the environment and characters are genuinely looks so real.

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While there are movement that appears jerky, animations and motions in the face of the characters are very real. The colors in the video game are very sharp and rich and the live lighting and weather which makes the game is so great. The music is fantastic and the voices dub is great made.

Naturally Life is Strange is a video game with  graphic adventure style game, and because of that players need to progress through the campaign from the start. Expect that there will be no levels in the game but episodes only. You will begin to play the game by downloading initial content for just few dollars. This download is your first episode to play and after you play the episode one you may begin to play episode 2 for just almost one dollar and now for the episode 2 which cost almost 3 dollars. The good news about the game, this 2018, the game will provide us new episodes, expect episode 4 and 5 for your great entertainment.
Nonetheless you may get the Season Pass for almost 9 dollars and with it you will have all current and the incoming episodes.

To those who do not know, Life is Strange’s story focus on Max Caufield, the guy is an 18 years old and a photography person with great gifts. She has the ability to turn back the time anytime she wish, which lead her decision some effects in the future.  The game commence with Max seeing a catastrophic storm and knowing the coming danger she must do something in order to save her town.

In the beginning of the game, you ended saving the life of her best friend, named Chloe Price. Later story in the game would soon find yourself looking for a woman named Rachel Amber. Since Max can rewind time by her ability and so there’s always butterfly effect every time he alter the past to look for some hint to dig down the case. There will be no problem with controlling Life is Strange, since it is very easy to play and function likely on point and click adventure games. In order for your to view around, you only need to drag your finger on the screen, to move you just have to tap where you want the character to visit.

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