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Most people would not guess that a portable 2D horror game would turn to be a wonderful scary video game. Nonetheless, Creeping Terror presents as a digital and atmospheric horror style filled with rations and will bring to a creepy mansion.  There are many things which you can expect from Creeping Terror, if you are a fan of horror game. It begins with a goofy style, as the story introduce four young people which are going to creepy mansion in order to test their guts. Nonetheless, after an exchange student Arisa drops on the floor to an underground cave, the story begins in a very interesting way.

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Creeping Terror’s mostly known in its creepy idea. The 3D background is created perfectly and it’s fantastic in 2D style which blend will in the environments. Nonetheless, the sound effect is where the things sounds so spooky and very terrifying. Together with its spooky sound blending with haunting music and scary footstep will always give you the excitement that you are looking for especially when you encounter an enemy, the sounds is very great as you make your way out of the enemies presence.

Your task is the game is to head over to rooms and gathering keys and materials to be able to get through any mission from different places like the mine shaft, mansion, cave, hospital, forest and any escape route. As you may move around in different spot,  you will encounter an individual who is carrying a shovel, he is a mysterious cult member and like a mad dog. When you are on your way with this kind of individual make sure you run away and never get caught. The good thing about the encounter is the fact you can use objects to immobilize them so that you will have time to hide and you will survive.

If you are playing for the campaign you will not have a boring moment since the plot of the game continually goes on. Of course, be sure not to get stuck on difficult areas, since most game like this would make you wander to areas without any objective. The game is very friendly to the gamers and in every mission you will be given any hint on the bottom screen for your great help. You will be given plenty of story in the game which are connected to each other as you gather journal, notes, and newspapers. To conclude, if you are a gamer  who likes connecting the dots then this game is probably for you.

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