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Naturally, Life is Strange is so appealing to gamers like never before. The video game works with Unreal Engine, so it is also a great thing for your iPad or iPhone. If you have not played Life is Strange, you can expect that the game is very impressive in terms of graphics considering that the environment and characters are genuinely looks so real.

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While there are movement that appears jerky, animations and motions in the face of the characters are very real. The colors in the video game are very sharp and rich and the live lighting and weather which makes the game is so great. The music is fantastic and the voices dub is great made.

Naturally Life is Strange is a video game with  graphic adventure style game, and because of that players need to progress through the campaign from the start. Expect that there will be no levels in the game but episodes only. You will begin to play the game by downloading initial content for just few dollars. This download is your first episode to play and after you play the episode one you may begin to play episode 2 for just almost one dollar and now for the episode 2 which cost almost 3 dollars. The good news about the game, this 2018, the game will provide us new episodes, expect episode 4 and 5 for your great entertainment.
Nonetheless you may get the Season Pass for almost 9 dollars and with it you will have all current and the incoming episodes.

To those who do not know, Life is Strange’s story focus on Max Caufield, the guy is an 18 years old and a photography person with great gifts. She has the ability to turn back the time anytime she wish, which lead her decision some effects in the future.  The game commence with Max seeing a catastrophic storm and knowing the coming danger she must do something in order to save her town.

In the beginning of the game, you ended saving the life of her best friend, named Chloe Price. Later story in the game would soon find yourself looking for a woman named Rachel Amber. Since Max can rewind time by her ability and so there’s always butterfly effect every time he alter the past to look for some hint to dig down the case. There will be no problem with controlling Life is Strange, since it is very easy to play and function likely on point and click adventure games. In order for your to view around, you only need to drag your finger on the screen, to move you just have to tap where you want the character to visit.

Creeping Terror Review - Horror Game

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Most people would not guess that a portable 2D horror game would turn to be a wonderful scary video game. Nonetheless, Creeping Terror presents as a digital and atmospheric horror style filled with rations and will bring to a creepy mansion.  There are many things which you can expect from Creeping Terror, if you are a fan of horror game. It begins with a goofy style, as the story introduce four young people which are going to creepy mansion in order to test their guts. Nonetheless, after an exchange student Arisa drops on the floor to an underground cave, the story begins in a very interesting way.

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Creeping Terror’s mostly known in its creepy idea. The 3D background is created perfectly and it’s fantastic in 2D style which blend will in the environments. Nonetheless, the sound effect is where the things sounds so spooky and very terrifying. Together with its spooky sound blending with haunting music and scary footstep will always give you the excitement that you are looking for especially when you encounter an enemy, the sounds is very great as you make your way out of the enemies presence.

Your task is the game is to head over to rooms and gathering keys and materials to be able to get through any mission from different places like the mine shaft, mansion, cave, hospital, forest and any escape route. As you may move around in different spot,  you will encounter an individual who is carrying a shovel, he is a mysterious cult member and like a mad dog. When you are on your way with this kind of individual make sure you run away and never get caught. The good thing about the encounter is the fact you can use objects to immobilize them so that you will have time to hide and you will survive.

If you are playing for the campaign you will not have a boring moment since the plot of the game continually goes on. Of course, be sure not to get stuck on difficult areas, since most game like this would make you wander to areas without any objective. The game is very friendly to the gamers and in every mission you will be given any hint on the bottom screen for your great help. You will be given plenty of story in the game which are connected to each other as you gather journal, notes, and newspapers. To conclude, if you are a gamer  who likes connecting the dots then this game is probably for you.

Style Savvy Styling Stars : Great 3DS For Fashion Simulator Game

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Before I have written this article, I did not played the game Style Savvy series even though I have played few 3DS in the past.  In fact few months ago, I present my wife with very exciting video games. And we are in especially for simulation video games which we love the most.

Now talking about Style Savvy, from the start I don’t really like it because of its fashion themes, maybe because I can’t find it very appealing to me. However, the fourth entry, Styling Star got my attention and it was very fascinating in every turn.

The main theme of the game, Style Savvy series shows to be a great fashion simulator. You play the role of the new girl in the town who would be the heir of her uncle’s boutique. You will be given a task to make it very popular in the city from glamorous and glitzy stop in town. Your task is very simple in the beginning, nonetheless the plot really turns into a very wonderful story with persona with way more depth which is expected from this kind of video game.

There will be people who will visit your boutique and would love to reside near you. Having their own individuality and taste of fashion. Nonetheless with character like Rosie, a young child which is new to the city and hope to a become a star in the game and because of that Styling Star turn out to be a great video game with its different style. When I play the game I’ve spent more investment on Rosie’s progress in the game, considering that I really like her.

The setting and the persona of the game are not the only factors for making Styling Star very likeable. The game is very addictive in gameplay while the game continually make you awake even if it is night time. Running your store would require new fashion from different sellers with plenty of design, take charge of the clients wishes, and blending their personalities to the perfect clothing and accessories in return when they are please they will give you cash and would become an avid clients of your boutique. Taking heed to clients need, like for instance for Rosie gradually increases the number of hearts they have for your services, an idea the same from Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon.

The greater the number of hearts, the greater you will learn discover the story of the character. Serving the clients can also give more influence of your characters avatar, which also open new maps of the town to discover and to set up new vendors, for you to purchase new outfits. Each thing you will do in the Styling Star gives you sense of progress all the way.

Destiny 2 Ideal for PC

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For PC gamers who wishes to rock their world with regards to entertainment Destiny on the PC is here. It is granted to us that we can enjoy Destiny 2, at last it arrives and we can dig something about this game on the PC.

If you want to grade the game, surely you will give it a good score. As the game in the past was followed by PC gamers, everything you enjoy in the game will surely let you experience a whole new level. With regards to the graphics, it is very wonderfully made, while the sounds effects are totally balanced. It has a good content enough to satisfy the gamer, in conclusion the game is really for those who are looking for great gaming experience.

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Why gamer would prefer to play on PC? If you ask someone with this question, they would have different answers, but to choose the ideal answer would be a great graphics when it is played on PC. PC gaming is an ideal device for you to play Destiny 2 since  the visual is totally appealing to the gamers.

Nonetheless, the disadvantage of having game with the use of PC is the fact that you need to purchase a PC if you don’t have one. Another thing you need to upgrade any software needed to play the game as the years goes by with new demands from the game to make the entertainment to the fullest.

If you are looking for visually wonderful game then Destiny 2 will be the ideal game you can mount in the PC. If you have been playing from other console, you can expect that in PC it will be more impressive. Destiny 2 in PC is very flawless and there is not graphical bugs or crashes in the long run in the game.

In case you want to play Destiny 2 in PC, make sure that the system requirements are meet and you will have PC that works will with video game. To get the best of Destiny 2 make sure to buy the game from a trusted source to avoid crashes and to avoid from any harmful viruses that may ruin your PC.